Hello, this is Nhu (a.k.a Tunastic). I’m a curious human, a creator, drawer, taekwondo nerd, pastry-lover, adventurer etc. I’m many things at once, but since you’re here, I figure you want to find out about my creative work, so let’s get into that.

My formal training is Industrial Design. After my graduation, the forces of the universe led me to cross paths with the weirdos at Returnr, where I have been ever since. I design reusable products and help build circular economy systems, with the ultimate goal to eliminate single-use packaging wastes. Just saving the world, you know.

Zines and comics is where I find creative freedom. To tell stories inspired by everyday life, or to be a little wilder.

There’s this one time my friend and I visited a Japanese cafe. We ordered a yuzu honey cheesecake. You know when you eat good food, you’re like “hmm this is nice.” But this cheesecake, man, it blew my mind. My eyes widened, my scattered thoughts immediately focused: “What is this?” A flavour profile I’d never encountered before, it was surprising, joyful, and overall just hit the spot for me.

That is the spark I want people to have seeing my work.

Anyhow, I hope you find something interesting in this space. Any comments, questions, hellos, please get in touch via the form below.

“Ooooo, it stands on my finger”