Returnr operates Australia’s first zero-waste online supermarket, and invests heavily in the R&D of innovative reusable food packaging.

In order to expand their zero-waste grocery offer, Returnr wants to add to their range a reusable egg tray. The brief was to develop a silicone mat compatible with an existing tray and lid design based on the idea “suction cups for eggs”. A rigourous CAD development, prototyping and testing process results in a packaging that holds eggs securely, improves storage in the home and is 100% zero waste.


My role

CAD modelling · Prototyping · Engineering drawing drafting · Product rendering & animation

1. Silicone mat CAD model is created
2. Casting tools are developed for in-house prototyping
3. Casting with 3D printed tools
4. Testing the prototype
Silicone mat production parts

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